This weeks blog post is a bit of an introduction to a series of blog posts that will follow in the coming weeks following our progress working with a new client of ours. The client is looking to generate more work as they look to establish their own company rather than working for other companies all the time, and give their enterprise the established presence it will need to start picking up jobs.
The original point of contact between the client and Brass Comet was just to look at producing a website, but after talking to the client it became apparent that some more issues would need addressing to help the client set up their online presence.
There is a huge misconception that just having a good website will generate traffic, and true having a good website will help with SEO a bit, but on it’s own it will not produce the results that a business is looking for. It is more beneficial to consider a website a tool to convert sales and jobs rather than acquire the traffic in the first place (and in turn more visits will come from having a more successful website), it is our job to make sure the website is converting traffic into leads for our client.
The client currently has a name for the business and some examples of work carried out, but that is pretty much it. This is where we have decided to step up from just producing a website to going the next step and helping the client with the following aspects of their business, and why they are important

Brand Consideration

Working with the client to come up with a ‘brand’ for the business (some consider this how others view or talk about a business, and the ‘vibes’ given off). Many factors are at play when thinking about branding, such as what the work you do is and who your users or clients are, and considering these will help build a brand. This planning section will also lead to; generating a logo, thinking about imagery for social media and the website and coming up with a ‘personality for the face of the business.

Social Media Presence and Social Media Strategy

This section will be about setting up and considering what social media platforms are beneficial for this type of business to be using, and coming up with planning a schedule for posts as well as the content of the posts which will be based off the branding and user profiles.

Website and SEO optimisation

This section will involve planning and setting up the website for the client with branding, user profiles, user journey all taken into consideration to make the website efficient at generating and converting leads whilst being SEO optimised.

User profiles

Working with the client to generate user profiles about their business clients currently and creating their ‘ideal customer’ which then in turn can be used to link back to their branding and content optimisation.

Tracking and analytics

This is an important factor whilst working through a process such as this, you can get great data from a website and social media, and repush that back through the model to finetune all the previous points. We will be looking at how to setup and analyse the data.
The blog series will follow us as we work through the process with the client and go into detail on implementing the decisions as well as the theory behind the decisions themselves. We will cover any issues we encounter and any feedback from the client as we go.