Earlier this week we met with one of our clients to start the process of helping to build their business with the services we can provide to them, the initial blog post talking about the plan can be found here: https://brasscomet.com/client-journey-part-1-plan/

The above picture is the only one I managed to get during the meeting, whilst having a look through similar sites.

First contact between us and the client came about to look at designing a website (which we will be working on for them too) but after the reviewing the client’s current online presence and their business branding it became apparent that not a lot was in place. We decided it would be best for us to work with the client to come up with more of an idea of the business branding, user journey on the website, social media account setup and planning.

So to begin with we spoke about the client’s business and the position the business was in currently and to give you a brief summary; the client has been working in the industry (music studio design and builds) for numerous years now but always for another company or under the name of someone else, but now the client is looking to establish that for themselves.

Once we had an understanding of the client’s current situation and background we got onto talking about some of the following points, which assist in setting up the client’s website and online presence as a whole, and making sure we can optimise things like SEO and user journey.

  • Content and Functionality
  • USP’s
  • Competitors
  • Website Aims & Priorities
  • Target Audience – User Profiles
  • User Journey
  • Look and Feel
  • Social Media and search
  • Branding & Logo

All of these points are interlinked, for example once you have profiled some of the users of the site (people who might want a music studio developing) you can start to build up a brand which may be tailored to such people, or generating search engine keywords based on what you believe might those people might be searching, or how looking at competitors sites may lead to a better user journey through the site.

A brief summary of what was noted down from the meeting on the following points

The aims of the website are focused around turning leads into quotes, if a person who is interested in developing a music studio finds their way to the site, we want to convert that lead. So we discussed what will help to convert the potential customer in getting a quote from the business. We discussed some user profiles and traits of people who are after music studio design and installation to aid with prioritising the content we put on the site and what would be important to their experience of the company. Some of the thing we believed important to prioritise were as follows;
Portfolio of work
Testimonials from other music studios
Seeing services outlined
Feel of the site – professional, modern and clean. With some great full screen imagery used

we also talked about the possibility that the user might be quite passionate about music as well so we want to make sure they imagery speaks as much as possible to them. This process also led us to putting emphasis the portfolio and testimonials on the site.

(now the challenge here for us is the volume of content for each the portfolio and testimonials as the client in question can only use a limited amount of cases, as some of the jobs were under the name of another company so we would not be able to use them. So here as the web designer we have to use less content without making it look sparse.)

We also discussed functionality of the site and to be honest there does not need to be a huge amount as the site is serviced based and the quotes can be so varied that they will need to come from discussion between the client and his clients. All the functionality really needed is email contact, portfolio / gallery, social media feeds. We did talk about a blog and some other elements but the client decided they were not something we would look at currently but can maybe revisit in the future.

Scoping out competitors sites and other similar industries helped us further develop the branding and the feel of the site, what we came up with seemed to fit with the clean, modern professional feel to the site.

We also covered some of the client’s personal preferences and how we could incorporate those into the branding and design. The client mentioned they liked a turquoise like green on a darker background as a preference so we will be trying to build onto that theme with what we come up with.

So going forward both us and the client came away with ideas in mind for the site and branding which should lead to helping him develop a business with an identity and generate more work. Working through the process with the client is valuable to us as the client can provide valuable insights into their line of work which can assist with the site build, but it also helps the client understand some of the decisions and why certain things have been done certain ways. Our job now is to start setting up the site developing some ideas for logo’s and frameworks for the site, while the client provides us with some more information and content for the site.