Facebook advertising with Brass Comet

Why should you be facebook advertising and why should you use Brass Comet?

Facebook advertising with Brass Comet


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Facebook recently grew over to have over 2 billion monthly users, a figure which has been increasing at a rapid pace year on year, from a business and advertising view facebook has become something which is risky to ignore.




Facebook advertising brings about an interesting development in the world of advertising, rather than having to place an advert in a paper or on a billboard and hoping that someone who is your kind of client or customer sees it. With facebook you can actually target it directly to those people and those people only, this means your spend is more likely to return conversions and lower the cost per conversion.



You can target based on;

Demographic; e.g. Gender / Age / Location. Interests and attributes; e.g. people who like certain pages or are home owners or high / low earners. Behaviours; e.g People who shop a lot online, or who have clicked the shop now button adverts in the past week.



Save time and money

Save time by letting us setup and micro manage the advert campaign, giving you the time to focus on your business. Our expertise and in-depth management of the campaign will allow us to provide an optimised return on your investment.



We help make sense of the data

We help to provide understanding of the data in real terms meaning you will never be left in the dark. We provide a pre-campaign report and post-campaign report outlining performance and recommendations.




Make use of our expertise in setup and running the campaigns as well as our experience with demographics and audience insights to make sure you’re getting the most our of your campaigns.


How to facebook advertise with Brass Comet

The following steps are in the life cycle of your facebook advertising campaign with Brass Comet

How to facebook advertise with Brass Comet



Initial Discussion

We will talk to you to understand your business and aims, to make sure the campaign will be efficiently designed and managed to help you get the best return on investment


We carry out the necessary research into your business niche and your customer base

Creation of adverts / audiences

We create a few variations of advert and audience to set up some split testing for the adverts

Step 1

Pre-campaign Report

We provide a report to you, this outlines the way we have setup the campaign and audiences and gives predictions for the campaign, as well as displaying the copy and imagery of the adverts


You now have the opportunity to provide any amendments

Step 2

The Campaign Runs

The campaign will now run it's course with us closely following the variation in advert and adsets so that we can best optimise the budget utilising the highest converting variations to increase ROI

Step 3

Results Report

We now will provide a full report outlining the results of the campaign and also an explanation of the results. We will also provide our honest insight into the campaign and any suggestions for future campaigns or variations for this continuing campaign

Step 4

To see examples of the resources provided at each of the stages see examples in our case studies

Costs of advertising with Brass Comet

The costs of facebook advertising with Brass Comet are scale with your budget, with a introductory trial available

Costs of Facebook advertising with Brass Comet

Our campaigns are flexible in their pricing, your results will scale depending on the monthly budget you spend with us. We do not like to give reach estimations as we feel that doing so can limit campaigns as marketers tend to focusing on making sure the campaign gets to it’s reach estimation rather than focusing on conversions.


Brass Comet provide you with the following for any campaign spend, we provide these on a monthly basis (or to fit the timescale of a shorter campaign):


Pre Campaign Report

This report outlines Brass Comet’s plan for the campaign and how we intend to manage the campaign over the duration. We provide you with proofs of all of the different adverts copy and outline the audiences we have generated, you can make any amendments here that you wish.

Ongoing Micro Management

During the campaign we monitor the performance of each of the different adverts and each of the different audiences, this allows us to optimise the campaign as it runs utilising the budget to focus more on higher performing and higher converting scenarios.

Campaign Report

Once the campaign has concluded (or on a monthly basis) we provide you with the performance and results, we explain the results and provide explanations as to what these results mean. We also make recommendations for future campaigns or the next step of this campaign based on the results and your feedback.

Common campaign budgets are: £100, £250, £500 and £1000 per month (minimum spend £100), however we can work with any budget if you have something more unique in mind.

We encourage you to start low and scale your budget with us once you see return and value on running facebook advertising with Brass Comet.

We also offer a one off £50 introductory trial giving you a taste for facebook advertising and working with Brass Comet

Facebook Advertising Case Studies

Facebook Advertising Case Studies

Below are some examples of Facebook campaigns which we have ran for various businesses


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